About Me

Jacqueline Riel Flores is a chronically ill disabled transgender woman. She may be playing life on hard mode but she makes it work. Jacqueline is a student at Colorado Christian University studying creative writing. She currently works for her local Humane Society. Jacqueline says that she has been working since she was 12 and this is easily the best job she's ever had, no contest. She gets to hang out with animals and find happy homes for them. She is passionate about the welfare of animals and fascinated by animal behavior. In another life, she could have been an animal ethologist but in this one, she is a writer.

Jacqueline has been writing for years but has only recently started to take it seriously. These days, if she's not reading then she is writing. She has produced short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and excerpts from her first novel.

It was always on her bucket list to write a novel. Does she wish to be traditionally published? Perhaps. Does she wish to independently publish her book? Maybe. Either way gets her stories into the hands of people.
Jacqueline is currently working on her first novel, The Jovian Chronicles: The Artificer's Daughter. The outline is finished and so is half of the first draft.

Jacqueline is also working to get her foot in the door of the writing community. The time is nigh to appropriately label and call her a writer. It's what she does, what she has done, and what she intends to pursue in the future.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please contact her using the contact form.

A young mage loses her father to the Lich Queen and sets off to get him back.

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis